Courses I’ve Taken

Spring 2019:

  • Teaching, Pedagogy, Curriculum + Research (TPC+R) program; Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
    • Learn more about the program HERE; for an update on the 2019 program, click HERE.

Fall 2016:

  • ENG 789: “Health Humanities”; Prof. Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
    • Seminar Paper: “Jacked In: Representation of Prostheses in Science Fiction and ‘Good Country People'”

Spring 2016:

  • GRAD 700R: “Emotional Evidence” (Interdisciplinary Seminar); Prof. Laura Otis
    • “Monstrous Rage: Unnatural Bodies and their Discontents”
  • WGS 589R: “New Feminist Materialisms” (Bodies, Sexualities & Science); Prof. Elizabeth Wilson
  • ENG 797R: “Directed Study” (on science fiction); Prof. John Johnston
  • Served as Teaching Assistant for: ENG389W-00P: “Harry Potter in America”; Prof. Catherine Nickerson

Fall 2015

  • WGS 752: “Queer Theory”; Prof. Michael Moon
    • Seminar Paper: “Nesting Queerness: Abjection and Nesting Temporalities in Octavia Butler’s ‘Bloodchild'”
  • ENG 789: “Crime Fiction”; Prof. Kate Nickerson
  • ENG 789: “Melancholy in Renaissance Literature”; Prof. Ross Knecht
    • Short Seminar Paper: “An Unbearable Androgyny of Being” (on Twelfth Night and humoral theory)
  • ENG 791: “Composition Pedagogy”; Prof. David Fisher
  • Served as Teaching Assistant for: ENG255: “British Literature Before 1660”; Prof. James Morey

Spring 2015

  • ENG 789: “Postcolonial and Global Studies in the 20th Century”; Prof. Deepika Bahri
  • ENG 790: “Composition Theory”; Prof. David Fisher
  • HIST 585: “Digital Scholarship and Media Studies”; Prof. Allen Tullos
    • Seminar Project: Ekphrasists (a collaborative descriptive text project)
      • Collaborator: Madison Elkins
  • WGS 751: “Feminist Theory”; Prof. Lynne Huffer
    • Seminar Paper: An Un(Bear)able Multiplicity of Being: Representations of Rage in Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza and Patricia Williams’ The Alchemy of Race and Rights: Diary of a Law Professor and a Comparison of Poetics vs Parable & Legal Discourse

Fall 2014

  • CPLT 751: “Intro to Posthumanism”; Prof. Sean Meighoo
    • Seminar Paper: “Of Service Animals and Instrumental Relations: Working Companion Species of the World, Unite!”
  • ENG 789: “Disability Literature”; Prof. Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
    • Seminar Paper: “‘Jacked In’: Representation of Prostheses in Science Fiction and ‘Good Country People'”
  • ENG 789: “Sex & Sentiment in 18th Century Literature”; Prof. Paul Kelleher
  • ENG 796: “Survey of English: Histories, Theories, Methods”; Prof. Deepika Bahri